Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What could Twigg be doing?

Well I hadn't reckoned on Thatcher dying yesterday which rather distracted me from pestering teachers to spend on time on twitter pushing the hash tag #GoTwiggGo. Despite my impatience I fear that this is going to be a slow burn. Many think I am wasting my time because they fear that Twigg is actually in full agreement with Gove and happy to watch from the sidelines. But that isn't good enough. There are thousands and thousands of labour party who despise Gove's mayhem and want to see him stopped. As a democratic party surely Labour should be representing those views? I have no great illusions in the labour party but we shouldn't let them off the hook. They have access to all sorts of resources and contacts that they could be using right now to make the case for a different vision of education. Look at what Owen Jones manages to do with no staff and few resources. Just imagine if the shadow education team actually started digging around some of the dodgy deals emerging from DfE. If they took the time to investigate who is behind the disgusting tweets emantating from @ToryEducationnews. They could do some of the maths behind the scandal of the free schools offering extra provision where none is needed where other areas are dangerously short.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments blow about what you think Twigg should be doing. So I may be wasting my time - but it is not exactly onerous posting tweets and who knows! Maybe if a few more of start to pressure labour we could start to get things moving.

 In the meanwhile I have met some brilliant teachers online.

 I urge you all to support Debra Kidd and your name to a letter she is sending Gove Click here to read and sign

 I also found out about the Charter for Primary Education Conference on Sat 15th June in London. Click here for details

 However bleak and miserable I feel about this government knowing that there are good people prepared to stand up and take action cheers me up no end. Please do something - no matter how tiny - NOW! You will be feel better trust me. It could be just the banana skin we need


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